Grave Robbers 2.0 - Who They Are and How to Stop Them

  • Identity Theft

The IRS has prevented an extra $6 billion in fraudulent tax returns this year totaling $20 billion in blocked tax returns. Although much progress has been made in only giving legitimate refunds, there is an unusual type of claim being filed, from deceased individuals. Tax fraudsters are stealing the names of those who are departed and filing taxes with their information. This proves that identity thieves are willing to go to any length to get personal information from you or your loved ones. In addition to stealing the identities of the deceased, identity thieves are also stealing identities from children to recent fraudulent returns. This year alone, almost $4 Million in tax returns have been filed under childrens names.

The range of opportunities that identity thieves have to commit their crime today makes it a smarter investment than ever to partner with a third party identification verifier. Youll find peace of mind knowing your personal information, including your social security number, is constantly being monitored. The instant your social security number is linked with someone other than you Electronic Verification Systems will be there. As the fraudsters get smarter about stealing your identity we getter better about protecting it. EVS offers an integrated identity verification solution that can return results for social security numbers that are tied to someone who is deceased. In addition to that, our solution can help authenticate personal information that is submitted for reasons other than tax returns as well. If your business conducts any type request for personal information, partnering with an online fraud prevention company can benefit your business and keep your consumers happier and safer.

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