Identity Verification Solutions

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EVS offers multiple solutions for domestic consumer identity verification. Each solution provides comprehensive consumer data verification, integrated Dynamic Knowledge Based Authentication, and optional Watch List screening.  Explore the following solutions to help eliminate identity fraud from you consumer interactions.
2 Solutions Global

Ensure your global relationships with IdentiFraud International. With a combination of international consumer data matching and ID validation and verification, IdentiFraud International allows you to know who your customers really are. Use the full range of features to protect your business from identity fraud across the globe. Read more about our IdentiFraud International solution. 

3 Solutions Corporate

Our IdentiFraud Corporate package expands your verification capabilities to strengthen your corporate relationships. The comprehensive data matching features will add confidence to your business-to-business interactions, while ensuring the integrity of your supply chain from end to end. Read more about our IdentiFraud Corporate solution. 

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EVS provides flexible methods of meeting compliance requirements through identity proofing, Watch List screening, and custom Watch List management.  These capabilities are available as integrated features within our IdentiFraud Solutions, or as a standalone product.  View some of our available capabilities below, or read more about our compliance solutions. 

The IdentiFlo Management Platform



The IdentiFlo Management Platform grants full control to you, the client. You can utilize the administrative control features to create internal users, monitor transactions of internal sales people, track client transactions they service, and drill down to the end-consumer transaction level. 

Read more about the IdentiFlo Management Platform.

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