Identity Verification by EVS

Identity Fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes as millions have their identities stolen each year. It is essential to safeguard businesses and their customer data. Although businesses can be deterred by cost and complexity, Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) offers a unique approach to identity verification solutions that integrate with existing processes so you can continue to focus on your business.

EVS believes that fraud prevention solutions should be cost-effective and easy enough to empower businesses of all sizes to protect themselves and their customers from identity fraud. Safeguarding against fraud is crucial because identity fraud can harm customers and businesses in numerous ways. Customers can have their credit and finances affected, which ultimately hurts the business’ reputation. In addition to losing the customer’s trust, banks and credit card holders can hold businesses responsible for the costs associated with fraud, which can vary from the actual transaction amount to the payment processing fee.

Whether a business has five employees or operates globally, EVS can help implement solutions for business-to-business interactions, customers domestically or internationally and more. EVS’ intuitive platform has simple integration options and an easy-to-understand pricing structure. Ultimately, EVS delivers on the promise of making comprehensive fraud prevention available to all businesses.

There are various ways businesses can determine what products may best suit their needs. EVS breaks down the products by the solutions and by specific industries.  For a more in-depth evaluation, potential customers can request a demo.

For more than 15 years, EVS has provided identity verification solutions to help businesses combat identity fraud, reduce costs, and satisfy compliance requirements. EVS can provide the identity verification solution that is perfect for your business.

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