FBI Wants to Develop Highly Secure Internet

  • Fraud Prevention, Security

In a effort towards a fraud prevention solution, an executive in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has recommended government and corporate leaders should consider developing a new, highly secure internet. Shawn Henry, Executive Assistant Director at the FBI, said it is important to develop networks where anonymity is not an option and only known and trusted employees would have access to the internet. This ID verification step will ensure the people who have access to the information are the only ones who are supposed to be accessing it.

Henry talked about the idea for the highly secure internet to conference-goers at the International Systems Security Association saying, "We can't tech our way out of the cyberthreat. The challenge with the internet is you don't know who's launching the attack."

We applaud Henry for thinking ahead, and for thinking of ways to combat the complications that come along withdata security. While not everything can be perfect, it is important that leaders in the United States are taking action against fraud.

TheDepartment of Defense is finalizing policies on how the military can react in the case of a cyber attack. And the Department of Defense has also set up a trial program to share cyberthreat data with military contractors in order to prevent intrusions. The Department of Homeland Security is reviewing this model in order to protect power plants, financial networks, and other key systems.