TED Talk: Mikko Hypponen Fighting Viruses, Defending the Net

  • Fraud Prevention, Internet Fraud, Security

I was on our Twitter account earlier today seeing what everyone was talking about when I found a TED talk that Mikko Hypponen did. I highly suggest you take the next 17 minutes and watch this talk Fighting viruses, defending the net. Its informative, entertaining, and you will even chuckle.

During his talk, Hypponen breaks out a floppy disc with the first virus ever found for PC computers, Brain.A, which was created in 1986. I cant even think of the last time I held a floppy disc in my hand, but he pops it into his computer, opens the code, and shows you how the virus can be pointed back to two people. 

From there, he takes you deeper into the world of cybercrime, fraud prevention and the implications is currently has, and will have on our future.