Keeping the Holidays Happy With Mobile Commerce

  • Phone Verification

Retail shops of all sorts and sizes are getting ready for their busiest time of the year with the holidays just around the corner. As consumers become more immune to holiday marketing and gimmicks, brands are finding new ways to catch their customers attention. Many retail giants such as Kohls and Target are utilizing mobile marketing to better engage and tend to their on-the-go shoppers. Outside of mobile ads and sms promotional programs, many retailers have developed mobile apps to make shopping experiences faster and technologically savvy. Many of these apps include full access to the stores catalog and even are connected to a mobile payment function that allows the consumer to order the item right then and there. Target just recently came out a mobile app that allows users to buy and send digital and/or physical gift cards to their holiday lists. These gift cards are just some of the many that can be purchased through Passbook.

While these new features increase the efficiency and ease of holiday shopping, it can also increase the risk. With mobile apps (not just Targets) that are directly connected to a mobile payments platform, users need to be weary about just throwing their personal information in their phones for conveniences sake. Mobile payment platforms are not always the most secure in ensuring that personal information (PI) isnt getting shared out. On top of platform insecurity, physical theft of smartphones can more dangerous than ever before. Many apps store PI in order to make repeat purchases easy and fast, but that also means that the buying power is in the hands of the person with the phone with their hand, even if its not theirs. With stores being busier than ever, holiday shopping season is a prime time for thieves to swipe phones from distracted shoppers. While phone passcodes will help to prevent some of this fraud from happening, companies offering mobile shopping solutions need to invest in fraud prevention solutions that will keep their reputation and customers safe from mobile shopping fraud.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]