EVS Reflects on Internet Safety Month

  • Fraud Prevention

The National Cyber Security Alliance declared June as National Internet Safety Month, and has been exploring how individuals and organizations can contribute to the Stop, Think, Connect campaign. As this important month has come to an end, EVS has taken the opportunity to reflect on what this campaign means, and how they as an organization can help prevent identity theft and other online fraudulent activities.

One of the most important things to remember is that Internet fraud happens all the time, not just during a specific month, says VP of Client Services, Eric Knapp. In an interview, Knapp stressed the importance of consumers and businesses alike to be smart. This is where EVS falls under the Think step of the campaign. Consumers and businesses need to look beyond the convenience of modern technology, and take the extra time and step to be authenticated, Knapp cautions.

EVS offers identify verification and authentication that acts as the Stop step in the campaign. By authenticating an identity, it stops unauthorized information from being processed and prevents further damage. This can stop online fraud from happening and protects consumers and businesses. EVS has their own 3-step campaign to help companies protect their name - Verify, Comply, Achieve.

So whats in the months to come? As Knapp stated in his interview, mobile fraud is a top risk moving forward from Internet Safety Month. With the increase use/dependence of mobile devices, it has become the newest hub for fraud. As highlighted in the latest issue of the EVS monthly newsletter, Identinews, mobile theft is becoming just as easy as the payments are.

Finishing up the interview, President & CEO, Jeff Davis added, Consumers need to make sure to Connect to businesses that make security a priority. EVS can help companies integrate a fraud prevention strategy into their business model that will attract consumers who are concerned about fraud.

EVS provides online and mobile security solutions that help to protect consumers and businesses 365 days a year, not just during this month of awareness. For more information contact us today and follow our blog more industry insights.

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