Cyber Attacks Still Threaten Small and Mid-Sized Companies

  • Fraud Prevention

Amidst the recent news about Apples very own Developer Website being the victim of a hacking attack, it should become clear how problematic malicious cyber behavior has become. News of cyber attacks are frequent in occurrence and broad in impact, spanning industries as varied as micro-computing and oil-exploration. As long as you are online, you are a possible subject.

The National Cyber Security Alliance has extended this warning to smaller and medium sized businesses as well, not just the Apples and Microsofts of the world. The organization reports that cyber attacks on smaller business entities generally end up costing those companies an average of about $180,000. More alarmingly the data also reflects a devastating trend where 2/3 of these businesses also end up being forced out of business within the first 6 months following such attacks. Yet the most recent study by the NCSA still identifies a large amount of complacency regarding the seriousness of the situation. Almost a full 50% of the polled businesses stated that hacking incidents were isolated and would not impact their own operations.

Your business network, customer information, and operational data your business depends on can be compromised with poor WiFi security. Thats really it. Hackers are by definition opportunistic in the nature of their criminal endeavors. This means that they will compromise a network not because it was part of the plan but simply because they happened to stumble across a poorly protected IT infrastructure. Strong passwords, firewall applications and some antivirus programs offer one layer of protection, but a solid security strategy requires a multipronged approach that spans both hardware as well as software.

However, just as it has become easier for hackers to identify potential victims it has also become easier for businesses to protect themselves. Security companies offer protection packages that are tailored to small and medium sized operations, as opposed to the elaborate and very expensive systems implemented at large corporations. EVS understands the need to scale your own security and fraud prevention system in order to fit the size and scope of your companys operations. Solutions such IdentiFlo and IdentiFraud ID verification and authentication platforms ensure only those people authorized to access your systems will and more crucially, those people actually are who they tell your network they are!

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]