Verified Reliability

The core focus of the EVS data center is to provide our clients with high-availability solutions for their critical identity verification and authentication needs. Our services enable EVS clients to attain the redundancy, security, and performance objectives required for their business's critical applications without the outrageous costs typically associated with such services.

Our data verification solutions were built around industry-leading technologies and are managed 24/7 by our onsite team of engineers. Our engineering teams' talents include expertise in various applications, major operating systems, network systems, security technologies, and hardware and infrastructure support. Even with these resources available in-house, the availability of managed services, physical and network security, facility redundancy, and Internet bandwidth are among the more critical considerations for our prospective clients. We take pride in distinguishing ourselves in each of these criteria.

Key Features of Our Service

  • Our main production facility and backup facility are supported by several filtered power supplies that condition incoming power and safeguard against outages.
  • Our network infrastructure was carefully designed from the ground up to ensure reliability and speed.
  • Our data center is climate-controlled and protected by multiple layers of physical security, including secure keycard access to each facility.
  • Our technical support personnel are experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to work with you to resolve any and every possible situation.
  • Our integration strategies are malleable to suit your specific implementation goals.

The EVS Network was designed with the primary goal of providing our clients with reliable data solutions. We built our network on a foundation of standards and protocols to provide flexible services ready to meet your needs.


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