Compliance and Fraud Prevention with SSN Verification

Various industries and disciplines require verification of consumer’s social security numbers.  Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) makes this process easy for our clients with different options for verifying this key identifying data point.

EVS provides the ability to verify SSN as part of a comprehensive identity verification solution.  By entering either the last four digits or full nine digits of a consumer’s social security number along with name and address, businesses can verify that the consumer provided information they have on file is accurate.  IdentiFraud Consumer+ can also match date of birth and phone number for US consumers, and has fully integrated options for Watch List screening and knowledge-based authentication. 

EVS also offers an SSN Lookup tool, which only requires the full nine digit social security number to return the associated consumer information included name, address, and DOB for the consumer.  This solution is ideal for social security number verification in instances where informal nicknames or aliases might make automated matching of consumer information to SSN difficult or impossible, or where a consumer’s full street address is not available.  SSN lookup also offers integrated Watch List Screening and knowledge-based authentication.

All EVS solutions can be utilized manually through the IdentiFlo Management Platform, or can be fully integrated with client Websites or other systems using the available API.  


Solution Overview

Solution Overview

See how EVS brings greater Value, Simplicity, and Flexibility to Identity Verification.


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