Full Control Over Fraud Prevention

The IdentiFlo Management Platform grants full control to you, the client. You can utilize the administrative control features to create internal users, monitor transactions of internal sales people, track client transactions they service, and drill down to the end-consumer transaction level. The IdentiFlo Management Platform has robust security tools, product control, reporting and an internal support ticketing system.

Agents have the ability to manage their sales force and see how their attributed clients are performing. Agents are also able to demonstrate the Platform to potential clients and review transaction volumes of existing clients.

The  IdentiFlo Management Platform is the one-stop solution for all your Identity Verification and ID authentication needs.  The Video below provides an overview of the features and capabilities within the IdentiFlo Management Platform, but for a complete review request a demonstration to have a representative contact you and provide a detailed walk through.



Whether you are a retail business, bank, processor/gateway provider, or in the medical or legal industries, the IdentiFlo Management Platform supports your compliance needs. If you need to know your customer (KYC) then you need to know Electronic Verification Systems.


Solution Overview

Solution Overview

See how EVS brings greater Value, Simplicity, and Flexibility to Identity Verification.



Age and Identity Verification Made Easy

Protecting your business from identity fraud doesn't have to be complicated. 

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Reasons to Choose EVS


Low monthly fee, low transaction rates, no set up fees and no minimums.


Access multiple functions with a single integrated transaction.


We’ve built IdentiFlo to adapt to your operational requirements, so you don't have to work around a platform.