• October 18, 2016

Stone Bank Selects EVS for Identity Verification

Louisville, KY- (10/18/2016) Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) announced today that Stone Bank, a locally owned bank located in Stone County, Arkansas, has selected IdentiFraud Consumer+ for identity verification to prevent fraud and meet compliance requirements.

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  • April 28, 2016

EVS Launches SMS and Programmatic Voice Authentication Solution

IdentiFraud Phone provides information regarding a submitted phone number, and offers a simple method of authenticating that a consumer has possession of an identified phone. IdentiFraud Phone automatically recognizes the type of phone (mobile, landline, VoiP) based on the number provided, provides information regarding the type of phone line (business or personal), who the phone line is associated with, and optionally sends a one-time 6 digit code either using SMS or programmatic voice to the consumer’s phone.

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  • March 24, 2016

CigarAndPipes.com Partners with EVS for Age Verification

Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) is excited to announce its new partnership with CigarAndPipes.com, starting in November 2015. CigarandPipes.com is a new state of the art-consumer focused-competitive website selling cigar and tobacco products online, but one that offers decades of experience in the tobacco industry.

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  • March 23, 2016

EVS Adds Mobile Phone Verification to IdentiFraud Consumer+ Solution

Louisville, KY- (03/18/2016) Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) has announced the addition of mobile phone verification to the IdentiFraud Consumer+ identity verification solution.

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  • January 04, 2016

Electronic Verification Systems Partners with Monster Vape to Provide Age Verification in a Growing Industry

Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) is announcing its new partnership with Monster Vape, which started in September 2015. Monster Vape is an e-liquid manufacturer and vaping supplies company with both online and retail store operations.

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