Residence Verification and History


Residence Verification and History allows you to verify an individual's current residential address and previous address quickly through a user-friendly website interface. This product can stand-alone or be integrated into your company's website or internal systems.


Our system uses premium data source providers to verify a person's current and previous addresses. The product matches data points specific to that person—including his or her name, phone number, and Social Security number—with street address files. It also returns change of address information to ensure that your records are kept up to date. As with all EVS products, the data points collected for residence verification can be enhanced to support your specific industry or business needs.


Beyond simply preventing ID fraud, our Residence Verification and History tool can help to ensure that your business is delivering goods and services to an accurate, verified address associated with the customer placing the order. This is a valuable product for companies that deal with controlled substances or similarly regulated goods and services.

Typical Applications

  • Confirming Delivery Locations
  • Identifying Mixed Use Properties
  • Processing Controlled Substance Transactions
  • Processing Claims
  • Identifying Properties Associated with an Individual

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

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