Dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication


Dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) by EVS is a cost-effective and simple solution to identify clients, meet compliance requirements, and reduce fraud from charge-backs and fraudulent claims. Real-time KBA provides out-of-wallet ID authentication questions to ensure the true identity of your client, customer or applicant.


Our real-time KBA engine utilizes multiple data sources from public, private and credit databases to generate multiple-choice questions that only your client would know. We generate questions specifically designed to thwart an ID thief by using information not commonly found in a purse, wallet, social media site, utility bills, or even a Google search.


Fraud is commonplace in online marketplaces and claims processing. ID theft is common in industries with resellers whom often have access to common information about their clients. By deploying a low-cost, low-impact KBA solution into the enrollment or claims processes, our clients can expect to lower costs and eliminate manual fraud prevention.

Typical Applications

  • Processing Online Transactions
  • Deterring Claims Fraud
  • Transferring Funds
  • Avoiding High-Risk Transactions
  • Originating and Modifying Accounts
  • Resetting Passwords
  • Performing Due Diligence
  • Ensuring Compliance with Federal Regulations

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

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