Identity Card Verification


Identity Card Verification allows you to quickly verify a person's identity card through a user-friendly web interface. This product also has the flexibility to stand-alone or be integrated into your company's website.


Using premium data source providers, our system verifies a person's identity card by matching data points specific to that person—including their name, street address, and phone number—with their identity card files. The data points that you would like to use for this process can be collected and entered for verification in a number of different ways, depending on your company's specific needs.


Beyond simply preventing ID fraud, our Identity Card Verification product can help to drive revenue through faster transaction approvals. This tool also helps to prevent fraudulent international transactions, while protecting your company from the potential misuse of customer data by employees.

Typical Applications

  • Processing International Transactions
  • Originating and Modifying Accounts
  • Transferring International Funds
  • Confirming International Travel

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

See how EVS brings greater Value, Simplicity, and Flexibility to Identity Verification.