ID Verification


ID Verification allows you to quickly verify an individual’s identity through a user-friendly website interface. This product is perfect for faceless transactions and has the flexibility to stand-alone or be integrated into your company’s website or internal systems.


Using premium data source providers, our system verifies that a person is who they claim to be by matching data points that are unique to the person being identified. You can specify these collected and verified data points based on your specific need or industry, thereby giving your business a flexible, powerful identity verification tool. Put simply—you enter the information, and our system verifies it.


Our ID Verification product saves your business time and money by driving revenue through faster transaction approvals and preventing fraudulent transactions. The product also helps you avoid fraudulent applications, orders, and other online submissions while protecting your company from the potential improper use of customer data by employees.

Typical Applications

  • Identifying Mixed Use Properties
  • Processing Transactions
  • Transferring Funds
  • Avoiding High-Risk Transactions
  • Originating and Modifying Accounts
  • Resetting Passwords
  • Performing Due Diligence
  • Ensuring Compliance with Federal Regulations
  • Generating Individual Fraud Scores

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

See how EVS brings greater Value, Simplicity, and Flexibility to Identity Verification.