Driver's License Verification


Driver's License Verification quickly and easily confirms an individual's driver's license information using a website interface. This product may be implemented either as a standalone process or as part of your company's website or internal systems.


Our system matches key data points to state driver's license files, such as street address, name, and phone number. While specific data points are required to perform the id verification, this product is easily customizable and expandable, allowing for the collection of data points relevant to your specific need or industry.


Our Driver's License Verification product helps businesses avoid fraudulent applications, orders, and other online submissions, while also driving revenue through faster transaction approvals. The product also prevents fraudulent international transactions and protects companies from the potential improper use of customer data by employees.

Typical Applications

  • Processing Transactions
  • Originating and Modifying Accounts
  • Transferring Funds
  • Confirming Travel Arrangements

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

See how EVS brings greater Value, Simplicity, and Flexibility to Identity Verification.