Verify, Authenticate, and Screen

IdentiFlo Phone provides information regarding a submitted phone number, and offers a simple method of authenticating that a consumer has possession of an identified phone. IdentiFlo Phone automatically recognizes the type of phone (mobile, landline, VoiP) based on the number provided, provides information regarding the type of phone line (business or personal), who the phone line is associated with,  and optionally sends a one-time 6 digit code either using SMS or programmatic voice to the consumer’s phone.

Screenshot of IdentiFraud Phone
IdentiFlo Phone is available as a standalone solution for authentication (one-time or ongoing), or as an integrated component of IdentiFlo Consumer+.  When used with IdentiFlo Consumer+, the code is sent to a phone that has been verified as belonging to the consumer, providing a two-factor solution for identity verification.  IdentiFlo Phone can be utilized in combination with other components of IdentiFlo Consumer+, including dynamic Knowledge Based Authentication and Watch List Screening.



Key Features

One Time Passcode (OTP)

Sends a 6 digit code to the phone number provided via SMS or Programmatic voice.

Owner Authentication

Provides the name a phone account is listed under when available.

Phone Reputation

Provides details for phone numbers associated with spam or fraud activity.

Phone Type

Works with Mobile, Landline, and VoIP phone lines, and returns the type of phone represented.


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