Many industries require reliable identity verification and age verification, but the requirements for each industry is unique. Whether you need to meet compliance with regulations specific to your industry, or you simply need to prevent identity fraud for your business, the flexibility EVS provides ensures your business is on the right track. Our identity verification and age verification solutions can deliver the information you need, the way you need it.

Find the solutions that are right for your organization. Review the list below to read about some of the specific industries that we serve most:

Financial Services

KYC and AML compliance through identity verification and watch list screening.

Fantasy Sports & Gaming

Meet state regulations with reliable age and identity verification

Age Restricted

Age verification to meet compliance for vapor, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages.

Tax Professionals

Consumer data validation including SSN to help EROs meet IRS requirements.

Sharing Economy

Prevent fraudulent and dangerous activity by verifying new users upfront.


From course registration to online testing, know the students you are serving.

High Value Retail

Avoid fraudulent activity and losses by transacting with known customers.


Know who you're selling to or providing information to.

Vehicle and Equipment Rental

Verify customer identities at the point of reservation.

Real Estate

Ensure the security of agents and property by verifying identity before showings.

Online Notary

Ensure accurate verification of identity while performing remote notarization.

Remote Work

Verify the identity of remote staff when providing or elevating access.

Software Integration

Help your clients prevent fraud and maintain compliance with easy API integration.

Payment Processing & ISO

Help clients avoid chargebacks and meet compliance requirements with identity and age verification.







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Access multiple functions with a single integrated transaction.


We’ve built IdentiFlo to adapt to your operational requirements, so you don't have to work around a platform.