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IdentiFraud Consumer+ is our most popular solution for domestic identity verification, and has been designed to provide the highest level of simplicity, flexibility, and value. 

By simply submitting the information that requires verification (name, address, date of birth, SSN), IdentiFraud Consumer+ will verify that this information is consistent with applicable databases to comply with applicable regulations and prevent fraud. IdentiFraud Consumer+ will also alert you if there are indicators or potential fraud in the data provided (i.e. non-residential address submitted, SSN associated with an individual reported as deceased) so you can further protect your business. When used as a part of a comprehensive identity verification, age verification, or fraud prevention strategy, IdentiFraud Consumer+ can significantly simplify processes and reduce costs compared to competitive solutions.

In addition to matching this consumer data, IdentiFraud Consumer+ also provides integrated Knowledge-Based Authentication as an additional component to verify the identity of your customers.   Optional watch list screening  is also fully integrated in IdentiFraud Consumer+ to help our clients simplify the process of maintaining regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Identity Verification

In addition to the standard identity verification features noted above, IdentiFraud Consumer+ delivers additional features to form our most comprehensive identity verification solution for domestic US consumers.

These additional advantages include:

+ SMS and Programmatic Voice Phone Authentication

IdentiFraud Phone is fully integrated with IdentiFraud Consumer+, providing detailed information regarding a submitted phone number, and offering a simple method of authenticating that a consumer has possession of (and access to) an identified phone.

+ Advanced Residence Verification and History

Advanced Residence Verification and History confirms the customer's current address and also provides up to 12 previous addresses for companies who need to verify prior address as well as current address for consumers.

+ Fraud Indicators 

IdentiFraud Consumer+ provides indicators of circumstances which may indicate a higher risk of fraudulent activity. These indicators include data conflicts and alerts associated with the individual, their current address on file, or the address provided with the inquiry.

These enhancements are designed to give our clients increased protection against identity fraud. With IdentiFraud Consumer+, users receive more customer data and an incredibly efficient management tool to guide customer interactions.

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Solution Overview

Solution Overview

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