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Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) offers flexible solutions for verifying the identity of consumers in the US and Canada.  EVS allows clients to verify consumers through identity document verification, consumer data verification, or a combination of the two methods.

Either approach to verification can be combined with dynamic knowledge-based authentication and phone verification for a comprehensive solution to affirm that a consumer is who they claim to be.  Fraud alerts provided by EVS can alert clients to indicators of potential fraud (e.g. high risk address, fraud alerts, SSN associated with an individual reported as deceased).

With optional watch list screening  fully integrated, EVS greatly simplifies know-your-customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), and other regulatory compliance programs. 

When used as a part of a comprehensive identity verification strategy, EVS can significantly simplify processes and reduce costs compared to competitive solutions.

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Key Features

Document Verification

Verifies the authenticity of Driver License or other government-issued identity documents.

Phone Authentication

Verify phone number ownership and type and authenticate possession through SMS or programmatic voice.

Integration API

XML Webservices make it easy to integrate identity verification into your current and future systems.

Dynamic KBA

Knowledge Based Authentication (out of wallet questions) for identity proofing in new customer relationships.

Fraud Indicators

Provides notification of circumstances which may indicate a higher risk of fraudulent activity.


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