The EVS Age Verification App within Shopify

Online retailers selling age-restricted products including Vaping products, traditional tobacco products, wine and spirits are required to perform age verification at the time of customer registration or purchase to comply with a myriad of state and federal laws. 

With the EVS Age Verification App installed in their Shopify store, online retailers can automate the process of age verification for their customers in a seamless manner.  When linked to a retailer’s IdentiFraud Consumer+ account, the EVS Age Verification App automatically performs a transaction upon a registered customer’s first purchase.  If the consumer is successfully verified, both the customer record and order record are tagged as being verified.  If the consumer is not able to be successfully verified, the account is flagged for manual review.  Using the workflow functionality within IdentiFraud Consumer+, retailers can configure their account to require customers to be 18+, 21+, or legal tobacco age by state.  


The age verification process is completely seamless to the retailer’s customer – the only visible difference will be the additional of a date of birth field in the new customer registration page of their site. 

There is no additional cost to use the EVS Age Verification App, IdentiFraud Consumer+ clients will pay for transactions performed through the App in the same manner as transactions performed manually within the IdentiFlo Management Portal.  The EVS Age Verification App is available in the Shopify App Store at


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