Verify Age and Prevent Fraud

There are several reasons for businesses to verify the date of birth of their clients. Regardless of the motivation, Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) makes the process of DOB verification simple.

The most obvious, and common, impetus for date of birth verification is age verification.  The only truly reliable method of verifying age is to identify the individual, then verify the DOB to determine a consumers actual age.  For businesses serving age-restricted industries, including legal gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and vapor industries; reliable age verification is a core requirement of maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

As a fraud prevention measure, verification of DOB in addition to other elements of a consumer’s identity helps to ensure that businesses are transacting with a real identity.  While this step does not prevent certain types of identity fraud, verifying consumer data can prevent some types of fraud and is an essential component to a comprehensive fraud prevention strategy.

As a data integrity checkpoint, date of birth verification helps to ensure that businesses are updating consumer data for the right individual, especially for individuals with common names.  While it is certainly conceivable that two customers may share a name and zip code, it is much less likely that two consumers share name, zip code, and DOB.

By combining common data points, including consumer name, address, and DOB; Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) can confirm that businesses are working with a real identity, provide current consumer information, and flag potentially fraudulent transactions. 

Date of birth verification is available within IdentiFraud Consumer+, IdentiFraud DL, and IdentiFraud International.  Each of these solutions can be used for manual transactions through the IdentiFlo Management Platform, of fully integrated with clients’ Websites or other existing systems using the available APIs.  


Solution Overview

Solution Overview

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