Corporate Data Matching allows your business to quickly verify a commercial customer or vendor by matching data points that are unique to the business name being verified. This product may be seamlessly integrated into your verification process or used as a standalone web service.


Using premium data source providers, our system compares key data points related to the entered company information to determine a match. The data points collected can be customized to your business, industry, or even to a specific use for your organization.


Corporate ID Verification saves your company time and money by protecting the integrity of your supply chain and by helping to reduce your liability risk in dealing with multiple businesses. You can use this product to verify that a business's name matches the appropriate address and phone number, thereby helping your company avoid fraudulent applications, orders, and other online submissions. As an added feature, this product can also prevent the potential improper use of customer data by your employees.

Typical Applications

  • Processing Transactions
  • Originating and Modifying Accounts
  • Screening Applications
  • Performing Due Diligence
  • Ensuring Compliance with Federal Regulations



For over 15 years, EVS has provided a family of identity assurance products to help businesses combat identity theft, reduce cost, and satisfy compliance requirements.


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