Residence verification, age verification and more are essential in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Identity Verification

Safeguarding Pharmaceutical and other Controlled Substance Transactions

It’s health care open enrollment time. Health care options depend on the consumer and their eligibility, which may include a company sponsored plan, government funded plan or purchasing through the Health Care Marketplace. There are a variety of factors in choosing the best medical plan for a person or a family; however, a major decision maker for people and companies may be prescriptions. A more cost-effective option tends to be getting prescriptions shipped directly to a consumer’s home. Therefore, companies and consumers have to be cautious when dealing with pharmaceuticals online to avoid potential fraudulent situations.

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Samsung challenges Apple and Android Pay
  • Phone Verification

The Next Payment Player Enters the United States

Apple Pay, Google Pay and now another mobile power player joins the group with Samsung Pay launching in the United States. This news follows a trail of a continuous feud of patents and technology between Apple and Samsung, which try to dominate the mobile market. This comes at a time where consumers are used to making purchases online in a split second and now can do the same thing in-store with the added benefit of extra security through tokenization.

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Fantasy Football and other online gaming risks
  • Security

The National Football League Has Kicked Off and Now Businesses Must Intercept Fraudsters in Fantasy Games

The National Football League (NFL) is back into its regular season. Along with the popularity of watching football, super fans typically participate in fantasy leagues with their friends, which are hosted online or through sites where people can join a pool of people that they do not even have to know. Fantasy sport games are not limited to just professional football with others participating in baseball, basketball, etc. Although fantasy games are popular with various sports, fantasy football wins the most points from fans with opportunities on sites from CBS to Fan Duel.

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Google challenges Apple Pay with its reformed Android Pay
  • Phone Verification

Google Announces Revamped Android Pay

The Apple and Google battle continues as the Android Pay announcement comes just one day after Apple hosts a press conference regarding their new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and more. According to the Android Blog, the system is “ the simple and secure way to pay with your Android phone at over one million locations across the US.”

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Payment Card Industry Compliance Report
  • Identity Theft, Internet Fraud

Can you hear me now? Part Two: Verizon Wireless Releases Data Breach Report 2015

At any given time the media is reporting on the latest data breach, whether it is on the fraudsters targeting popular industries such as healthcare, education and government, or potentially an industry that is infiltrated less. Thousands of articles to millions of dollars and a lot of data and reputations harmed in the process, data breaches are becoming more common and a hot topic in the world.

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