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Compliance is Key in Many Industries—is your Business Compliant?

In the past years, the United States decided to enforce compliance procedures in an effort to decrease fraud and contributions to terrorist activities. EVS’ IdentiFraud Compliance System can be easily customized to include a wide variety of features to best fit a company’s needs.

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Safeguard Relationships with Partners by Implementing IdentiFraud Corporate

It is essential for corporations to safeguard their business-to-business (B2B) interactions. While the IdentiFraud Consumer is important for verifying consumer data, IdentiFraud Corporate helps with verifying and assuring the integrity of business partners.

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Data breaches have affected hotels
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Wyndham Worldwide Settles with Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

A long drawn out lawsuit between Wyndham Worldwide and the FTC is finally done. The Wall Street Journal states that the corporation ‘failed to provide reasonable cyber security protections for its customer data.’ Unlike typical deals of this nature, Wyndham was not required to pay any financial penalties and is not liable for any of the violations.

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Three EVS solutions that can help businesses protect against fraudsters include ID Verification, age verification and authentication question generator
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Retailers Must Safeguard Against Fraudsters for Holiday Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already kicked off the holiday shopping season. To avoid the mall and store crowds, customers may prefer to shop at online retailers. Consumers face fraud risks online and shopping in-stores; however, there are various ways that retailers can protect customers and their information from getting into the hands of fraudsters.

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Digital Toy Brand Falls Victim to Data Breach

The Hong Kong based toy manufacturer VTech, is a recent victim of a data breach. VTech’s database was breached on November 14. In the breach, VTech's online platform the Learning Lodge app store was affected, which is connected to a variety of the brand’s devices. A breach of this kind is different to the majority of companies, because of its impact on children, in addition to their parents.

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