Data breach of prison phone company
  • Security, Identity Fraud

Prisoners Feel Effects of Data Breach

Securus Technologies, a Dallas based prison phone company, was recently exposed for a data breach that includes 70 million records of phone calls, placed by the prisoners to at least 37 states, according to The Intercept. Legalities and privacy issues are a concern for consumers when any data breaches occur; however, this breach breaks confidentiality in the most extreme form, because of attorney and prisoner privileges.

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Companies are purchasing cyber security insurance
  • Security

Is Cyber Security Insurance the Next Necessity?

It is crucial for companies to ensure safe cyber security for its customers and employees. There are various measures companies can take in order to protect their customers, employees and businesses from fraudsters. Companies can safeguard their data with solutions including identity verification and more.

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Woman Filming on Phone in Crowd
  • Identity Fraud, Security

Data Breaches Have Lasting Effects on Companies

Sony Pictures Entertainment is proof that companies have to deal with the effects of a data breach long after the breach occurs. According to Variety, Sony settled with 10 former employees that filed class action lawsuits at the end of 2014. The former employees were concerned that their identities and personal information were captured as a result of the attack.

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identity verification is crucial when it comes to renting automobiles or in transportation
  • Identity Verification

Automotive Companies Need to Tune Up Identity Verification

Automotive-based businesses need to improve their identity verification procedures and ensure the safety of consumer data to prepare for the upcoming holiday season and because of the controversy of the Uber data breach. There are various safety measures that companies can implement to protect against fraudsters.

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Payment processors need to be safeguarded especially while customers are still adapting to mobile payment systems
  • Phone Verification, Fraud Prevention

The Evolution of the Payment Processor Industry

The press surrounding mobile payment systems suggests that the service is going mainstream. From Apple Pay to Android Pay and Samsung Pay, what is it going to take to cut plastic out of the payment market? This question is even more relevant with companies like Starbucks announcing that it will accept Apple Pay. This means a latte in the payment market where the convenience can be as simple as getting a person’s coffee quicker while utilizing more secure forms of payment. However, the article, “Mobile Payments Showdown: Apple Pay vs. Android Pay vs. Samsung Pay” points out that the lack of a universal mobile payment system is creating a barrier in making mobile payments more widely accepted and used.

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