Man Vaping
  • Age Verification

Vapor Businesses Need to Step Up Age Verification

Some companies (including EVS clients within the vapor industry) have stepped up to the plate to ensure their products are not sold to minors in any state – displaying how online sales of Vaporizers, eJuice, and eCigarettes can responsibly ensure that minors are protected. Unfortunately some companies in the industry are lagging behind (or completely disregarding) the regulations.

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Card inserted into EMV reader
  • Identity Fraud, Identity Verification

The Impact of EMV (Chip and Pin) on Fraud

As with most new technologies, the shift to EMV specifications (Europay, Mastercard and Visa – also referred to as “Chip and Pin”) in the U.S. has brought with it unrealistic expectations. EMV implementation has undoubtedly had a significant impact in the security of card-present transaction...

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Group of People on Phones
  • Internet Fraud, Security

Livestream Users Need to Watch Out for Data Breach

Livestream Users got something other than cheer, when they opened up their e-mail accounts last week. While users were opening presents and enjoying the holidays, the streaming service contacted them regarding a potential data breach.

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Working Technician
  • Compliance, Legislation, Fraud Prevention

Compliance is Key in Many Industries—is your Business Compliant?

In the past years, the United States decided to enforce compliance procedures in an effort to decrease fraud and contributions to terrorist activities. EVS’ IdentiFraud Compliance System can be easily customized to include a wide variety of features to best fit a company’s needs.

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Networking People
  • Security, Internet Fraud

Safeguard Relationships with Partners by Implementing IdentiFraud Corporate

It is essential for corporations to safeguard their business-to-business (B2B) interactions. While the IdentiFraud Consumer is important for verifying consumer data, IdentiFraud Corporate helps with verifying and assuring the integrity of business partners.

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