Runners at the starting line
  • Fraud Prevention, Internet Fraud

Jumping the Gun in Identity and Security

With the mainstream coverage of breaches, hacks, and identity fraud over the past few years it should be no surprise to see massive amounts of VC funding being funneled to new technology solutions that promise the solution. The rush to market for these solutions may be contributing to the problem more than solving it, however.

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Boy Watching from Behind Fence
  • Compliance

What to Watch for in Watch List Screening

It may be tempting for businesses that are required to screen against watch lists to think that all watch list screening solutions are the same because the lists themselves are defined by the government. Contrary to this view, the solution you choose can make a difference to your operational efficiency, budget, and even compliance status.

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  • Identity Verification

Preparation Time for Tax Preparers and EROs

With the fall quickly approaching, it is again the time of year for Tax Preparers and Electric Return Originators (EROs) to prepare for the 2017 tax season. Tax professionals increasingly work with their clients on a remote basis (vs. In-Person Transactions), and this shift brings additional requirements for these tax professionals to remain compliant with IRS requirements.

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Court Building
  • Legislation, Age Verification

Understanding the Age Verification Requirements of the FDA Deeming Rule

EVS has been working with many clients in the Vapor industry recently as they work to get in compliance with the regulations newly applicable to them under the FDA’s Deeming Rule. There is a significant amount of confusion (and misinformation) within the industry, particularly for online retailers of newly deemed products...

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  • Age Verification

EVS Age Verification Now Available in Shopify App Store

At Electronic Verification Systems (EVS), we are committed to making identity and age verification as simple as possible for our clients. As part of that commitment, we have recently launched The EVS Age Verification App in the Shopify App Store.

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