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Facebook ‘Likes’ Sending Money to Friends

On March 17, Facebook announced that they are adding a free feature to send money through their messaging platform. There is not a release date yet, but users in the United States will have access to the feature in the coming months. The news breaks nearly 10 months after Facebook hired former PayPal CEO, David Marcus, as their VP of Messaging Products.

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Payment Card Industry Compliance Report
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Can you hear me now? Verizon Releases Payment Card Industry Compliance Report

Executives in trouble, public scrutiny and revenue lost are major effects following a data breach. Customers want answers and accountability after their information is compromised; as a result, we see numerous statements and public apologies. While the aftermath is the majority of what is in the media, there is not a lot of information about the procedures in place before the breach.

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The Most Common Fear About Mobile Payments

The rise of mobile payments is clear with the implementation of Apple Pay and now eBay. These methods of payment started popping up at a fast pace when Apply Pay was introduced in September 2014.

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Identity Theft and Tax Season

As soon as the holidays end mid-January rolls around, many Americans start thinking about the next season falling up on us: tax season. For the majority of people. tax season is mundane. However, for a growing number of Americans, it is the time when they find out they have been a victim of identity theft.

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How Are Fraudsters Using the "Dark Web" to Gain Information?

With the growing use of mobile apps and online transactions, more and more personal consumer information is being uploaded. That being said, identity theft and identity fraud are occurring even more than before.

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