Data breaches do not always need sophistication
  • Fraud Prevention, Internet Fraud

Businesses Prove Fraudsters Don’t Always Need Sophistication

Data breaches dominate the headlines, but it is not always clear how they occur. Some fraudsters go to great lengths to infiltrate a network and system; however, attacks can happen because of human error.

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Unclaimed property sites are a gold mine for fraudsters
  • Identity Fraud, Internet Fraud

Unclaimed Property Sites are a Fraudster’s Gold Mine

In the United States, all states have websites to match unclaimed property to its rightful owners. Trusts to banks, insurance and even wages—there are numerous ways people can have unclaimed property. The states strive to provide as much information as possible to assure that the correct person is found and not the one across the city or even the state. In order to do this, personally identifying information is included. While this is crucial to match people with the money that they are owed, it can put citizens at risk for identity theft.

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Shopper with Mobile Phone
  • Security, Fraud Prevention

Businesses Gain Protection Against Fraudsters With Dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication

Student loans, house payments and credit card transactions regularly occur online. It can be difficult to safeguard information in the digital age for consumers and businesses alike. How can businesses strengthen their already existing security features, especially when consumers share various aspects of their lives online through social media, blogs and more?

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Students in Class
  • Identity Fraud

The Effects of Education Identity Fraud

A student may not need a loan until they attend college. Therefore, a student signs up for a loan through the Federal Government or a private bank. Unfortunately, he or she learns that there is an existing loan in their name. Then the student finds out they are an identity theft victim.

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Touching Hands
  • Fraud Prevention

Facial and Touch Recognition for User Authentication

Although it sounds futuristic, the technology used for facial and touch recognition has existed for some time now and is constantly being refined. Depending on what devices a company or customer uses, the technology may already be in the palm of a person’s hand.

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