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Can you hear me now? Part Two: Verizon Wireless Releases Data Breach Report 2015

At any given time the media is reporting on the latest data breach, whether it is on the fraudsters targeting popular industries such as healthcare, education and government, or potentially an industry that is infiltrated less. Thousands of articles to millions of dollars and a lot of data and reputations harmed in the process, data breaches are becoming more common and a hot topic in the world.

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The Importance of Safeguarding Housed Data

As the housing market continues to improve, it is essential for real estate businesses to ensure that consumer information is safe and secure. According to the Nationwide’s Health of Housing Markets (HoHM) Report, “the national LIHHM (leading index of healthy housing markets) remains at a level well over the break-even of 100, although it has fallen a tad recently, suggesting that the U.S. housing market is healthy with little chance of a national housing downturn over the next year.” This data conveys that consumers may continue on the same purchasing trend.

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Identify Verification is Essential in Small Business E-Commerce

Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce giants continue to make online shopping a go-to source for the majority of retail needs. Online shopping can be cost-effective and convenient. However, there are risks that fraudsters can obtain the information entered on the Internet in a harmful and malicious way.

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Ashley Madison Data Breach Proves Even a Name is Valuable

Health care, government and education are common targets of data breaches. However, fraudsters are dominating headlines with a data breach of the affair-driven website, Ashley Madison. The breach gives cyber security professionals and citizens, a strong insight into how secure systems are in comparison to how safe users think their info may be.

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The Private Sector Must Safeguard Data as Proposed Bills Stall in Congress

Despite knowing that the government and the private sector are continuous targets for data breaches, the momentum of the proposed bill, Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, has stalled. This comes four months after we blogged about the various cyber security bills that have been introduced into Congress. However, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act has survived so far, which is a bill that creates incentives for companies to share details of their cyber attacks and data breaches.

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