Students in Class
  • Identity Fraud

The Effects of Education Identity Fraud

A student may not need a loan until they attend college. Therefore, a student signs up for a loan through the Federal Government or a private bank. Unfortunately, he or she learns that there is an existing loan in their name. Then the student finds out they are an identity theft victim.

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Touching Hands
  • Fraud Prevention

Facial and Touch Recognition for User Authentication

Although it sounds futuristic, the technology used for facial and touch recognition has existed for some time now and is constantly being refined. Depending on what devices a company or customer uses, the technology may already be in the palm of a person’s hand.

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  • Identity Theft, Security

Uncle Sam Defends its Cyber States

Public and private sectors—no entity is immune to cyber attacks. Recently, the government has been a target for these attacks, including the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) departments. In both situations personally identifying data was compromised from data sources that appeared safe.

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  • Security

Cyber Security Hacker Gives New Meaning to In-Flight Entertainment

Do you know what the person next to you on a plane is doing? Are they reading, looking at their iPad or maybe even hacking the in-flight entertainment system? The days of knitting and crossword puzzles have evolved to tablets, phones and laptops. Therefore, with technology anything is possible.

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Starbucks Coffee Faces Mobile Application Hacks
  • Identity Fraud, Phone Verification

Starbucks Has a Latte Things Brewing

Starbucks has something brewing and it is not coffee. Recent media reports allege that the Starbucks mobile application was hacked, but the brand is claiming otherwise. The issue arises seven months after Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, announced on an earning’s call that the company is an industry leader in mobile payments and ordering.

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