EVS Age Verification Now Available in Shopify App Store

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<p>At Electronic Verification Systems (EVS), we are committed to making identity and age verification as simple as possible for our clients.&nbsp; As part of that commitment, we have recently launched The <a href="/evs-age-verification-app">EVS Age Verification App</a> in the Shopify App Store.&nbsp; </p> <p>Shopify retailers that use IdentiFraud Consumer+ for age verification can now automate age verification of new customers simply by installing the App through the Shopify App Store at <a href="https://apps.shopify.com/identiflo-consumer-verification">https://apps.shopify.com/identiflo-consumer-verification</a>.&nbsp; There is no additional cost to use the EVS Age Verification App, IdentiFraud Consumer+ clients will pay for transactions performed through the App in the same manner as transactions performed manually within the IdentiFlo Management Portal.</p> <p>We anticipate launching new prebuilt integrations later this year.&nbsp; Feedback from our clients will be the primary factor in which platforms we build integrations for as well as the features of those integrations, so please share your recommendations with us.</p>