Youre Responsible for Fraud Prevention Across Online

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Fraudsters can easily conduct credit card fraud and identity theft through different avenues across the Internet from social media to mobile banking. These types of crimes are growing rapidly with the ease of accessing consumers personal information through online channels. As technology advances, new places are available for cyber criminals to take advantage of companies and consumers. As industry leaders, we each have the responsibility to understand the evolving fraud prevention needs online.

The intentional distortion of truth, in order to benefit with something of value, is known as fraud. One of the main concerns with fraud is a companys online security and fraud prevention plan. Without implementing multiple layers of security, fraudsters can easily slip through the walls and compromise all of your data. Online identity theft is the illegal use of someone elses personal information, like out-of-wallet questions, in order to obtain money or credit. Social media fraud goes hand in hand with identity theft. Fraudsters use social media to engage in identity theft and entice individuals to unknowingly surrender personal information. Along with identity theft and fraud, corporate security breaches occur when hackers exploit employees through social engineering and scams. These hacking techniques and scams can result in your company losing everything from data to reputation.

To address these online threats, cyber security across the Internet needs to be enhanced. Adding layers of security to your system will help prevent fraudsters from accessing your data. Solutions like identity verification, dynamic KBA, drivers license verification and more assist in protecting your system, you company and your consumers. If you ever fall victim to a cyber crime, the Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF) can help with identifying and locating cyber criminals connected to cyber intrusions, bank fraud, data breaches, and other computer related crimes. Taking the proper precautions in advance will help ensure that you never have to work with them.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]