Vacation Season and Identity Security

  • Phone Verification

Gone are the days of losing a cell phone and the biggest worry being OMG, how am I going to get all my contacts back? Losing a phone today is almost worse than having a laptop stolen. With a laptop, the thief will have to do some hunting to find your banking website, credit card websites, and so on.With a phone, the apps we all love and adore, make a thiefs life very easy.They simply go to the apps and instantly know where you bank, what credit cards you hold, have access to your Facebook account giving them access to all of your personal information with just a few presses of the finger.

The bank does offer the ability to enroll in account notifications via email so you know your account balance and activity at all times. The ironic part is the bank immediately sends out the email letting you know there has been activity on your account so you can act quickly if you didnt authorize the purchase or transfer.With mobile technology, the thief would see the notification email and they simply delete the email and the crime could possibly go completely unnoticed or at a minimum go unnoticed until the awkwardsir, your card was declined moment.

The month of June was National Internet Safety Month. Now that June is over, we will soon be in peak vacation season amd a lot of us will be accessing our bank accounts and paying bills using our mobile devices while on vacation. We never want to be disconnected so we take our phone with us to the pool and beach. Until mobile devices become waterproof, we are forced to either pay for a locker (which no one does), or hide the phone under the towel (which we are probably all guilty of). It would be extremely easy for someone to quickly grab the device, do a transfer, wait the 30 seconds for the email, delete it, and disappear.

We all want the convenience of having instant access to our accounts, but isnt protecting your hard earned money worth an extra few seconds? The EVS fraud prevention solutions can stop an identity thief from accessing accounts in just thata few seconds!

[Contributed by Eric Knapp, VP of Client Services]