Using a Third Party Online Security Provider Pays Off

  • Security

Utilizing online platforms to enhance your business has never been easier, and neither has protecting your business onlinebut some companies just dont know it. Companies of all sizes and all industries are utilizing cyber space to more efficiently conduct business in ways that were not possible decades ago. And now that businesses are in cyber space, so are fraudsters and hackers. Online business fraud has been an increasing issue unfortunately and some companies do not always know their options for protecting themselves. In fact, many companies (including major corporations) dont know all the risks or all the solutions.

That being said, some companies are getting burned for using security technology they do not have legal rights to implement. Patent infringement lawsuits have been a recent trend in industries that are heavily leading security initiatives like banking and healthcare. Many of these lawsuits are not directed at the companies themselves but the functions they are relying on for security practices. Partnering with third party provider for fraud prevention can help decrease some of these liabilities. As an industry leading fraud prevention provider, EVS knows the ins and outs of compliance laws and best practices as well as offers a white label solution as well. By providing VaaS, EVS can help improve your overall business and keep your company safe from fraud and technology misuse. Companies should take online security as a very vital part of their business structure because it affects reputation managements and overall business flow. If your company doesnt currently partner with or have connections to a third party fraud prevention provider, contact us today to see if our solutions can enhance your company.

[Contributed by EVS marketing]