Unseen Tax Fraud and Identity Theft

  • Identity Theft

Tax season is officially over and while some have already happily saved (or spent) their tax returns, others may not be so happy. The IRS has already released some of the numbers and scams from the 2013 tax season, but what about those that have gone unseen? While the IRS has made an extreme effort to increase their fraud prevention measures this year, there are always a number of cases that slip through the cracks. Unfortunately by this time, the damage is already done. While there is some hope that these thieves will get caught, there is no guarantee that they will pay for their actions.

Tax season is Christmas time for online identity thieves because more Americans are filing their taxes online each year. So how can identity theft be prevented during this very vulnerable time? Some consumers may be shocked to know that tax preparers are NOT liable for any crimes that are found. This is a very scary thought for consumers who utilize online tax filing and for companies that provide this service because consumers may not return. These online companies would be wise to implement a stronger means of identity verification and authentication in order to keep their customers happy and most importantly, loyal. Having zero liability should not be seen as a benefit to these companies but as a shame. If these companies truly care about the safety of their reputation and consumers, fraud prevention should be at the forefront of their values. Being able to add layered security to your site can save your company time and money. To learn more contact us and start the conversation about safer online business.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]