The Value of Partnerships and Identity Verification

  • Fraud Prevention

As the Midwest Acquirers Association Annual Conference starts today, EVS looks forward to meeting payment professionals from all over the country as well as gaining insight on the obstacles they face. With the launch of the Premiere Partnership Program this year, EVS has been busier than ever with developing strategic partnerships and helping to educate about the importance of online and mobile security. The program was designed to allow EVS partners to have access to the expertise and resources needed to gain valuable knowledge of EVS and their solutions. EVS values these partnerships beyond the business because it is so much more than that. With technology constantly changing, these partnerships help foster relationships based on trust and sharing knowledge. One of the many goals of the conference is to meet and learn from our partners.

One of the main purposes of the conference is to reflect and discuss how the industry has changed in the past decade. With the explosion of online, social, and mobile payments, security has become an increasingly important issue. EVS hopes to spread awareness about the importance of identity verification and authentication to all payment processors as a vital part of any fraud prevention system. With the large amounts of accounts consumer and companies are using online, it has become easier for hackers to breach company information and steal personal identities. Identity verification and authentication helps to confirm that someone is who they are claiming to be. As businesses and consumers share personal information more freely, this concept will be as necessary as a password. EVS hopes to discuss and learn more at the conference this week!

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]