The Past Decade of Payment Processing and Identity Fraud

  • Fraud Prevention

Next week, EVS will be attending the Midwest Acquirers Association annual conference held in Chicago, IL July 18-19, 2012. The mission of this not-for-profit organization is to bring together professionals in the payments industry to network and learn from each other. Education is at the center of this organization, and EVS plans to contribute their expertise that this years conference. The theme of this years event is Back to our Future, a reflection on the past ten years in the industry. As the conferences approaches, we too have had some time to reflect on the past ten yeas of the industry and our own history.

With the new addition of Jeff Davis, current President & CEO, EVS has seen tremendous growth and industry insight with his newest blog, Fraud Thoughts. Beyond the growth of our team, EVS has increased our offerings with fraud prevention solutions as well. With the release of new product lines and partnership programs, we have been more dedicated than ever to preventing and detecting fraud. With developments in social media and mobile banking, online security is being an increasing issue. As consumers share their personal information more freely, they dramaticallyraise the risk of identity theft. Companies in return run the risk of processing stolen/invalid information and face legal issues or breaches.

As time has progressed and mobile dependency has increased, EVS has been right there through the shifts in trends. We now offer solutions that support mobile identity verification and authentication. As mobile banking and mobile wallets continue to make headlines of theft and fraud, we hope to continue to fight against online and mobile fraud. EVS is excited to celebrate and reflect on the past decade at the conference and looks forward to many to come.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]