States Supporting Internet Safety Month

  • Security

Many states, such as Pennsylvania, are embracing and supporting June as Internet Safety month. They are supporting the campaign by reminding their residents to watch their childrens online activity as well as their own. This public effort will help cyber security awareness become an everyday effort and hopefully have a long-term effect that will prevent online fraud. While many of these efforts are focused around children and the elderly, there is also a large portion of online users that this campaign pertains to that arent often called out. Anyone conducting online transactions, whether its banking, shopping, or booking should know the risks of poor online security.

Knowing the risks of poor online security does not just apply to consumers. Businesses and business owners should understand the risks of online transactions and online fraud. While protecting children and the elderly from malicious Internet activity is important, its also important to stop fraud at the root. Many companies that provide online services do not think online fraud will affect them. Businesses conducting business online should make fraud prevention a priority to help protect users from online identity theft and other online crimes. Identity verification and authentication is a small step with a big impact. Companies that utilize these fraud prevention measures can stop an online fraudster in their tracks by not allowing them access to sensitive information or transactions. Education, awareness, and prevention are the keys to making online activity safer now and in the future.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]