Simplicity for Integrating Identity Verification

Developers have long made use of existing components for custom development. This approach allows for the implementation of best practices within specialized areas including user authentication, account administration, reporting, and payment processing among many other specialty programming areas.

The utilization of APIs, and more specifically Web services, is not new but has become increasingly common with the rise of cloud-based applications. By using Web services, programmers are able to incorporate the capabilities of a third-party application within their custom application (or integrate two third-party applications) in a very efficient manner.

While most Web services are relatively simple to integrate with, there can be significant differences in the amount of effort required based on the number of calls required and the format of the provided response. The IdentiFlo Management Platform, for example, provides a full transaction with a single call and response, making it easy for developers to simply integrate with EVS solutions in a wide variety of ways.

The simplicity of integrating identity verification provides a multitude of possible use cases, including age verification for age-restricted products (i.e. tobacco, alcohol), know-your-customer initiatives for financial institutions, and fraud prevention for consumer retail (in-store or online). This is just one way that EVS is empowering businesses of all sizes to protect themselves and their customers from identity fraud.

Scott Million