SMB - Securing Your Company's Website

  • Internet Fraud

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, online security measures should continue to be a priority for all online businesses. While many companies, both enterprise and SMB, tend to focus on website security through the major holiday shopping events, online fraud prevention should be a concern 365 days of the year. Even companies that do not have e-commerce driven sites should take cyber fraud as a major threat to their business and consumers. While many consumers take it upon themselves to practice safe web surfing, online security needs to start with the company. Small businesses have a very different fight against online fraud than large companies because they usually have different business models and dependencies on websites.

Many small businesses do not have brick and mortar locations and depend solely on their online presence. This puts an increase pressure on small businesses to have secure websites and a strong fraud prevention strategy. Small business owners need to take every precaution possible to defend and maintain their reputation. Their business models are much more intimate with their consumers and have a more direct line of communication with their consumers. This very close relationship can be put at risk with just one incident of mistrust. As a study conducted by Symantec illustrates, an average of 9,314 malicious website are detected everyday and 61% of malicious sites are regular sites that have been compromised. That means that a site may be a threat to consumers without the business even knowing. The best way to ensure that your sites security is not at risk is implement a fraud prevention solution that helps to ensure that you really know who is visiting your site. Identity verification and authentication is a fast, easy, and cost efficient way to test the identity of the people visiting your site. With knowledge-based-authentication, questions are created in a way that only the true identity holder can answer. Protect your business and consumers beyond the holiday season by implementing fraud prevention measures that fit your business.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]