Password Protection Process Made Simple

  • Fraud Prevention

When is comes to the Internet, consumers constantly access password protected websites and usually only use one or two passwords. After all, its not easy to remember multiple passwords. But it is easy to assume passwords are secure. Its just as easy for fraudsters to access a weak password, as it is to do a Google search. And they can do it faster than a webpage can load. Its the verification process that keeps passwords secure and stops fraudsters.

In order to maintain privacy online, there needs to be a deeper process for protection. When a user logs into your site you want them to know that every step has been taken to identify and verify who they are in the most thorough manner. Implementing steps like age verification, Dynamic KBA or SSN verification into the login process can more than secure users information and assure their identities wont be compromised. Fraud prevention is as simple as identifying basic information, also known as out-of-wallet questions, authenticating more in depth facts and verifying the provided information is true. With IdentiFraud, that information is sent to multiple databases and immediately sent back with positive or negative approval.

Protect your system and its end-users with simple, effective fraud prevention solutions.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]