Online Security Risks for 2013

  • Fraud Prevention, Internet Fraud

Now that the ball as dropped, the champagne has been put away, and everyone is slowly making their way back in to the office, consumers and business owners alike are asking themselves How can I make this the best year yet? There is no doubting that 2013 will be another great year of emerging technology and increased online and mobile usage. Experts and analysts have made their predictions for the top security risks in 2013. All have mentioned mobile as a major concern for the New Year, along with Trojans and hacktivism. These are all concerns that have existed, but there has been a different emphasis put on them in this day of age. As technology gets more advanced, so does risk. The online fraud landscape is not a one-way street. As businesses and consumers arm themselves, hackers and identity thieves get smarter.

So how can businesses and we, as individuals, prepare ourselves? Perhaps its time that we all think that an analysts and even as a hacker. Without a doubt any company in the mobile payments space needs to be fully armed with a mobile fraud prevention plan prior to launching any type of new offering. In a recent survey conducted on the top mobile predictions for 2013, mobile payments was voted as the breakthrough category with mobile cloud services and m-commerce not too far behind. While this is exciting, it also raises the issues of how these companies plan to protect themselves using mobile security. And perhaps the best advice comes in the form a conundrum. As the security leaders featured in the Bank Info Security interview stated, perhaps we are our own worst enemies. An underlying problem to all of these risks is a lack of awareness. The better we education our consumers, and ourselves the more prepared we can be prevent online and mobile fraud in 2013. Dont get in your own way this year and start the conversation today to safer business and happier customers.



[Contributed by EVS Marketing]