Online Reputations - Earned in Years, Lost in Seconds Due to Fraud

  • Identity Verification

Brand management has a whole new meaning when it comes to cyber space. Internet criminals are learning so fast, organizations are still playing catch-up in recovering from fatal Internet attacks. While most online fraud is repairable, hackers have started to hurt companies in ways that are permanent, through their reputation. Once a reputation is damaged it can take years or even decades to recover. Speed is on the side of hackers because of viral messages through email and social media. Disgruntled workers, activists, and thieves can bring an organization to its knees faster than ever. Thats why security prevention in this case is worth much, much more than a pound of cure.

Businesses have the wrong idea about online fraud. Many companies are finally catching on to how to deal with fraud, but few are taking true measures to prevent it. Managing fraud after it occurs and preventing it are two different things. EVS is aware of how online fraud can damage a business and their reputation. Because a fraud can go viral in the matter of minutes, EVS is dedicated to preventing the problem its core. EVS is now truly a VaaS provider and our fraud prevention solution is a one-stop shop for preventing fraud online. We use modern technology to verify identities in an effective and very safe manner. Our experience in fraud prevention means all of our products are specifically designed to offer preventive protection for the assets of your company, including your reputation.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]