Online Identity Theft Still a Threat

  • Identity Theft

Whether its because businesses are getting smarter or consumers are getting more particular, online business are starting to make online security a priority. Users are now getting used to (and embracing) some of the extra precautions implemented to help reduce online fraud. From creating accounts to the standard security questions, these security tactics are no longer foreign to users. But even though security is becoming more common, so is fraud. While security always tends to be a few steps behind technology and hackers, companies need to remember to constantly reevaluate and improve their fraud prevention strategy because its not a one-time solution. And just like the saying goes, even if youre on the right track youll still get run over if you just sit there - fraud prevention is no different.

Companies and users may think they are safe based on current security measures but people and businesses are still experiencing issues with identity theft and fraud. Just this week the largest national identity theft ring was shut down and the suspects are expected to be on trial soon. This should serve as a fair warning to companies in the US and all over the world that online fraud prevention is a dynamic solution and should be changing as the world changes. And while there are plenty of blogs and best practices available to give tips on how to protect yourself online, the bottom line is that the solution is going to be different for every company. So while these best practices serve as a guideline to preventing fraud, its important to consult with your internal team and outside security companies to find a more catered solution.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]