New Apple OS X Malware: Fraud Prevention Tips

  • Fraud Prevention

A new attack against Apple Mac OS X Lion was detected earlier this week. The fraudulent threat is a Trojan, and is installed through a fake Adobe Flash installer downloaded from a third party site.

The Trojan is called the Flashback, and uses social engineering to prompt the user to download and install the malware. The user must complete the installation process for the malware to function. The installation process looks just like what a standard Adobe update looks like, only the update didnt come from the Adobe web site.

We always say your strongest fraud prevention tool is yourself. Never download an Adobe Flash update unless you are on as a URL address verification step.

Other tips:

Stay alert dont install an update unless youre familiar with it

Run antivirus and internet security software on a regular basis

Act on any notifications that come up during your security scans