Mobile Security - Why You Should Care

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There is no denying that the digital revolution is well into its maturity, but there is yet another movement that is growing rapidly and will soon catch up to those who arent paying attention. More and more businesses are moving into the palms of their consumers and entering the mobile space. And as more people move to mobile as their main channel of usage, their mobile devices have turned in to portable hub for storing personal information. The more information consumers store on their phone, the more it makes theses mobile devices a target for fraud. According to an article in Mashable, someone in the US loses their phone every 3.5 second! These theft add up to more that $30 billion of losses each year. The FFC has developed a tool, the Smartphone Security Checker, to help secure the 120 million American smart phone users. Of these 120 million smartphone users, more than half of them do not use password protection and less than 5% of smart phones use third-party security software. The lack of security has lead to mobile security of all types to increase 350% in the past two years.

Its hard to believe that these statistics are floating around the industry and no one cares. The biggest issue with mobile security is that businesses are still trying to figure it out. Most companies are in the stage of testing or entering the mobile space and probably have not even had the chance to assess the risks. One of the biggest hurdles of fixing and preventing mobile fraud is understanding it. There are multiple types of mobile fraud, and multiple ways of preventing it. Education is at the core of protecting your company and consumers - mobile security is more an issue of knowing than caring. EVS is dedicated to educating and helping businesses understand and prevent mobile fraud. Preventing fraud comes at a much lower cost that the damage of trying to fix it once something has happened. Whether it be a breach, stolen device, or securing a mobile app, EVSs knowledge based authentication is designed to stop hackers and identity thieves in their tracks. Take the first steps to protecting yourself against mobile fraud in 2013, and contact EVS to start the conversation about mobile fraud.

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