Identity Thieves Need Less Information

  • Fraud Prevention, Identity Theft

Over the past several years the media has put the spotlight on payment card data crimes. While a credit theft can destroy the reputation of an individual or business, there is other lesser-known accessible personal information that can lead to identify theft. Commonly targeted sources of information include HR records and healthcare files and if stolen, this information can be just as harmful as stolen credit information. These types of cases will only grow as records continue to be posted online. Social media is also a common place that fosters personal information being leaked. Even something as un-invasive as an email address can lead to total identity theft.

EVS understands that identity thieves will take every opportunity to find and abuse personal information. And thieves are getting smarter and can find ways to cause greater harm with less information. Thats why our solutions involved a holistic identity verification process. Having a suite of diversified verification products reduces fraud risk for any organization with confidential data. Healthcare organizations will need to start reevaluating their fraud prevention measures because they are regularly targeted due to their vast housings of patient information. As thieves become savvier, businesses need to do the same. Companies have continually been a step behind fraudsters and trying to keep their heads above water. In order to combat and prevent fraud, companies must be a step ahead of identity thieves by implementing fraud prevention strategies.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]