Identity Fraud on the Rise from 2011

  • Identity Fraud, Internet Fraud

In a recent study conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research, it reflected that identity fraud has increased 13% from 2011. One contributing factor to this increase may be due to the number of online payments and Internet fraud. As discussed in A Faceless Society Needs KBA, more consumers are using online transactions as a part of their daily routine. Whether it be online shopping, online banking, or even taking polls and/or entering sweepstakes, if you are entering your personal information online you run the risk of someone else accessing it. In an infographic issued by CreditDonkey, they help to illustrate the different types of identity fraud and give tips on how to avoid it.


One way to help ensure the safety personal information online is the use of ID verification and authentication. Businesses who help to protect their consumers information, such as financial institutions and online retailers, need to consider partnering with an ID verification provider to strengthen their fraud prevention measures. EVS helps to ensure that someone is who he or she claims to be when entering information online. This helps to protect against thieves using stolen personal information. ID verification and authentication is the key to cutting down on identity theft online. As more companies integrate this service into their security measures, consumers will be further protected from online identity theft and Internet Fraud.

Infographics: Identity Theft Protection
Courtesy of: CreditDonkey