ID or Identity Verification?

  • Identity Verification

When it comes to verification, most of our clients use the terms ID and Identity synonymously. In fact, weve tweaked our marketing efforts to reach both audiences because we often find people looking to validate a physical drivers license (ID Verification) are really looking to validate a customers identity (Identity Verification). With Identity Verification our job is ensuring the end customer is who they claim to be. In an online transaction our solution is all thats needed. The point of sale in a brick and mortar establishment is another story.

ID Verification is a tricky endeavor and can be pricey. Fake documents are produced around the world and VERY difficult to detect. Taking away the responsibility of deciding fake or real ID from a clerk (or server, or customer service rep, or bouncer, etc.) is key to limiting liability. The best fake IDs I saw in college were either using someone elses documents to obtain a legal ID or fudging the birthday on a real ID. Ensuring the document is a legitimate, state issued ID is only the first step. Completing the verification process requires: 1) the person on the ID is present, and 2) the real age of the person on the license is valid (Authentication). Identity Verification coupled with ID Verification is near foolproof.

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[Contributed by Jeff Davis, President & CEO]