ID Verification Put Into Action

  • Identity Theft, Identity Verification

As the issues around immigration and employment start to come to a resolution, some states are starting to require drivers licenses and other forms of ID in order to apply for a job and pass certain check points. This seems to be a very reasonable solution for states that are dealing with immigration issues and other identity mishaps. While some are starting to rely more on state issued IDs some are looking to creating work IDs and alternative identity cards that will carry out the same function. Seems to be pretty straight forward, right? Well yes, and no. While these new executions will help to cut back on some of the immigration issues and number of illegal employees, it will only continue to serve its purpose if these documents are verified.

The problem with relying on any type of document for identity purposes is that they are very easily duplicated and falsely made. Fake IDs are no new concept to the US and will only increase with the new dependence. IDs will now become even more important and in return more of a target for fraud. Identity thieves, illegal immigrants, and the desperately unemployed will soon be searching for false forms of identification. Without the proper identity verification process, these newly instated regulations will soon be flawed. The government and businesses often over look the mind of an identity thief, hence why it has become one of the largest growing businesses in the US. As we become more reliant on any type of document to account for our identity, there needs to be a well though out verification process as well as a fraud prevention strategy. The country will not only need to find a way to verify the documents but be able to detect and prevent improper use.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]